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Since 2015, we have collected over 400 hours of footage comprising 300 interviews in 8 different languages in Seattle, L.A., Austin, New York City, Seoul, Tokyo, Osaka, Addis Ababa, Kingston (Jamaica), Guangzhou, Beijing, and Lijiang. Our content covers interracial dating, hip-hop culture, reality TV stars, ex-patriots, undocumented immigrants, urban clothing brands, reggae concerts, U.S. imperialism, Black Lives Matter activism, journalists, Chinese neo-imperialism in Ethiopia, Ethiopian war veterans from the Korean war, Blasian identities, solidarity and discord amongst diasporas, and so much more.

Throughout the month of June 2016, we transformed 283 Greene Avenue, Brooklyn, a two thousand square foot warehouse space into

BUFU Studios, a physical extension of our living archive project. BUFU Studios was created as a physical hub to both showcase our raw footage from Seoul, Tokyo, and Osaka, and to create an intergenerational, multimedia space centering queer, poor, POC, and other marginalized bodies by providing free programming around the themes of Black and Asian Futurity and Solidarity.

Collaborating with over fifty organizations and individuals, we programmed over one-hundred events including talks, dinners, jams, film screenings, dance classes, healing practices, and performances, seven days a week throughout the month of June 2016.

Photo by Michael July


On November 10th, two days after the election of Donald Trump, we had a reactionary emergency response organized with our sister collective, YJC (Yellow Jackets Collective) at the Brooklyn Museum as a way to hold space and center POC folks called “Process/Mourn/Activate”. Hosted by the Brooklyn Museum, the event held an urgency to a large variety of folks from different backgrounds.

“Us” was a month-long event in July 2017 sharing strategies, resources, and skills between or on collectives. We were focusing on how we build together through organizing, healing, nightlife, and art within QTPOC collectives. We have worked with the Brooklyn Museum, SPR space, Laundromat project, Queens Museum, the Bronx Social Center, and so many more. During this time we also worked with over 50 different individuals and collectives for the programming.

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