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Suhyun (Sonia) Choi

Co-founder of BUFU. Artist and Curator

Parsons The New School for Design   New York, NY

Bachelor of Fine Arts: Fine Arts Major   August 2016


Dawson College   Montréal, Canada

Fine Arts Program: CEGEP   July 2013


Solo Exhibition

2019    Container Gamgook, Seoul

Group Exhibitions

2020    CLOUD 9 Zoom

2019    The WYFY School Radical Love Space, Metaden, Playground              Coffee Shop, The Living Studio, Jardin Comunitario Los                      Colibries, The Bungalow, School for Poetic Computation in                NYC

2018    Solidarity is Possible but not Inevitable Abrons Art Center,                NY

2017   “Us”: A Convening on Art, Healing, Organizing, and Nightlife 

           Brooklyn Museum, Queens Museum, Knockdown Center,                    Secret Project Robot Space, Mayday Space, the New Women                Space, MINKA, Powrplnt, the Laundromat Project,                               Brotherhood Sister Sol, Starr Bar, Canvas Institute, La Finca                del Sur in NYC

           Afropunk: Friends of Afropunk Brooklyn, NY

           What Does Our Future Hold? Dye House 451, London UK

           School’s Out: The Get Down Edition with Afropunk Army                  and Urban Arts Partnership Castle Fitzjohns, Manhattan NY

           MAMI & BUFU Presents: Opaque AF Mr. Wu’s Manhattan,                NY

2016   Scamming the Patriarchy the New Museum, Manhattan NY

           R U 4 Real: An Exhibition on Anger and Authenticity BUFU              Studios, Brooklyn NY

           BUFU Studios: Black and Asian Futurity BUFU Studios,                      Brooklyn NY

           TFW105 #2 POWRPLNT, Brooklyn NY

2014    Printmaking Salon Show The New School, Manhattan NY

           BYOU: Build Your Own University BHQFU, Manhattan NY

           ECTOPLASMS HAG collective, Manhattan NY

           The Fempire Night CUNY, Manhattan NY

           The Last Brucennial Meat Packing District, Manhattan NY


2019   Brooklyn Community Foundation Brooklyn, NY

2018   Eyebeam Brooklyn, NY

2017   Eyebeam Brooklyn, NY

          China Residencies: Slow Train Residency Beijing, Guangzhou,             and Lijiang, China

          Huangbian Station Guangzhou, China

          Q-Space Beijing, China

          Lijiang Studios Lijiang, China

Artist Talks

2019   Eyeo Festival WYFY (With You For You) Minneapolis, MN

2018   Art Basel Hong Kong Labor and Privilege for Tai Kwun                              Contemporary, Hong Kong

2017   the Metropolitan Museum Career Lab: Art and Activism                              Manhattan, NY

          Welcome to Junior High Here Los Angeles, CA

          44 Theatre BUFU: Artist Talk Guangzhou, China


2020   Autostraddle BUFU’s Cloud 9 Builds New Networks of Care for              QTPOC During the Pandemic and Beyond by Elle Mckenzie

          Frieze Breaking the Art World’s ‘Closed Circle’ by Ana Tuazon

          Frieze How to Keep Clubbing During Lockdown by Mimi Chu                 and Cami Rincon

2019   Cult Classic Issue 04: FUTURE VISION

2017   the Brooklyn Museum BUFU Presents Us

           Village Voice Voice Choices: Convene and Consider

           by Amara Thomas

           NYLON The BUFU Collective Explores the Power of Black and               Asian Unity by Atoosa Moinzadeh

           The Fader 13 Important Organizations to Guide You Through                   the Next Four Years by Atoosa Moinzadeh

           The Outline Why Art Collectives Are Gaining Ground

           by Ann-Derrick Gaillot

           i-D The Fifth Sense directed by Christine Yuan

2016   The Village Voice Best Art Collective Promoting P.O.C.                              Solidarity by Ayasha Guerin

           Hyperallergic Start to Process the Election at these Cultural                     Spaces and Events by Jilian Steinhauer

           The Fader How Some Smart People Are Planning to Fix this                     Terrible Mess Our Country  is In by Yael Malka

           i-D BUFU, the New York Art Collective Promoting POC                         Solidarity by Blair Cannon

           Amuse the Female Curators to Watch in NY by Lia Mcgarrigle

           VIBE BUFU is the Dopest Art Collective You’ve Never Heard of

           by Shanna Collins

           POSTURE Magazine In Conversation with the BUFU Collective             on Afro-Asiatic Solidarity by Ebony Donnley

           Editorial Magazine By Us For Us Editorial by June Canedo

           Streetfoot From NEW YORK, to SEOUL by Jo Egg

2014   DRECK Magazine Interview with Amanda M. Jansson

2013   Inconnu Magazine The Future Issue

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