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Title: 바가지의 노래 (Song of Bagaji/Bowl)

Date: 2019

Medium: Video installation (bowl, salt, incense)

Duration: 12min 52 seconds

Description: This piece is an honoring of feminized labor, reproductive labor, and labor of the working class. The rituals we perform everyday to heal, to nourish, and to build foundations. Korea is allegedly the only country that has a relationship to the fruit 박 (bak), and there are many folklores and myths attached to it. This indigenous fruit was used as a gourd or bowl. Nowadays, we use plastic 바가지/bowl, from making kimchi to washing to eating to cleaning. Phonetically, the name for bowl in Korean “bagaji” derives from our historical use of the fruit “bak”. Women and the working class of Korea specifically mostly use this type of bowl today. The video installation is accompanied by burning incense, water, a plastic bowl, and a ring of salt.

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